Charlotte Business Journal: An architect’s view: How Clay Elder designed BNC’s new Ballantyne branch

Oct 26, 2015

When Clay Elder was tasked with designing Bank of North Carolina’s new office in Ballantyne, he had two goals: Incorporate the bank’s history and show off a modern company.

“You don’t want customers in older buildings to feel like you’ve moved on and left them behind,” Elder said. “The drawback to that is if we only do a traditional style building it doesn’t necessarily send that brand image that this is a modern bank.”

To accomplish those objectives, Elder went with a traditional style of building with modern elements.

“It sends the message that we embrace our history, and we’re modernizing our bank,” Elder said.

It’s a juxtaposition banks face every day — how to incorporate technology and modern-day elements into a conservative, old-school business.

Clay Elder has designed over 4,000 bank or financial office projects since 1989. He’s watched technology disrupt the traditional bank branch model and he’s worked with banks of all sizes around the country. His goal is always to leave a finished product that acts as a marketing tool for the respective bank.

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